All comes in 2 pcs

1. Ulundhu Vada

Crispy fried lentil donuts with onions, chili and curry leaves served with chutney


2. Parippu Vada

Crispy and savoury fried fritters made from chana dal and spices 


3. Thayir Vada

A sweet and savoury snack of crispy ulundhu vada soaked in yogurt and spices 


4. Sambar Vada

Ulundhu Vadai soaked in our flavourful sambar


5. Fish Patties/Veggie Patties

Perfectly spiced potato and spices and fried to perfection


6. Rolls

Savoury potato with spices and your choice of beef, chicken,mutton or veg


7. Vadai Masala Sandwich

Ulundhu vada burger with savoury potato filling and drizzled with chutney


8. Chicken Parotta Salad

Pieces of parotta topped with fried chicken, onions and drizzled with gravy


9. Sri Lankan Cutlets

Spiced potatoes with veg or fish and dipped in breadcrumbs and fried to crisp


10. Samosa

Savoury pastry filled with potatoes, greenpeas, onions, spices and your choice of chicken, beef or veg


11. Pakora 

Spiced onion and coriander fritter coated with chickpea and fried to perfectiom


12. Chicken Pakora/Fish Pakora

Spiced onion and coriander fritter coated with chickpea flour with your choice of chicken or fish


13. Bonda

 Potato masala cutlet with your choice of fish or veg coated with chickpea flour and fried to crisp 


14. Idli 65

Pieces of marinated idli and cooked in tangy sauce


15. Pakora Masala


16.Parippu Vadai Masala

Pieces of parippu vadai topped with savoury potato and drizzled with chutney 



Served with the option of rice or noodles

17. Crab Soup


18. Fish Soup


19. Dhal Soup


20. Vegetable Soup 


21. Chicken Corn Soup


22. Chicken Soup


23. Beef Soup


24. Lamb Soup


25. Shrimp Soup


26. Sambar Soup